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delivering your creative vision

who we are

WLP is a creative production agency with language at its core. We help our clients organise, streamline and deliver marketing content, services and products nationally and internationally, tailored and optimised for all channels, territories and audiences.

We take the essence of the creative idea and make it work whatever the channel, the format or the platform. We work smarter, using a combination of creativity, technology, know-how, a global network of specialists, and good, old-fashioned hard work.

We thrive on scale: managing and optimising processes through online project and digital asset management technology to ensure seamless delivery across multiple organisations, countries and demographics.

We balance automation with the human touch - at the heart of our versioning and transcreation services is our integrated language service, delivering local market expertise to optimise the core message to market.

We know what our clients need - brand consistency, continuity, accuracy and quality; but also economy: and our agile approach saves money and guarantees a speedier route to market.

we do digital

Adapting core creative for the digital environment, and its myriad of formats, is an essential part of what we do.

From microsites to banners, we’ve got our fingers firmly on the pulse of emerging tech and the ever-shifting online landscape; managing and advising the transition from Flash to HTML5 banners is just one of the recent challenges we have helped our clients with.

When it comes to digital advertising campaigns our work doesn’t stop when we send the file - we work side by side with media planners and buyers, backed up with our deep knowledge of ad servers and display networks to ensure 100% successful trafficking.

  • Digital design & development
  • HTML5 display ad build
  • eCRM
  • Digital planning

we do print

We handle every stage of print production from supplied creative files: design adaptation, typesetting, proofreading, image retouching, scanning, colour correction, PDF creation, imposition and delivery.

Our round-the-clock pre-press team are tireless guardians of style consistency in colour, logos, tracking, leading and size of type, ensuring ink density won’t cause problems during printing, that photos and logos are of print quality, that images and text are set to the correct knockout and overprint, and that any required colour profiles are incorporated.

  • Production design
  • Pre-press
  • Multilingual artworking & typesetting
  • Retouching
  • Colour matching
  • Adaptation and versioning
  • Printing & printer management

we do audio-visual

Creative thinking and technical expertise create the winning formula which drives all our multilingual video production and post-production activities. We have a full range of audiovisual services to support video adaptation, all the way through to multi-channel and platform delivery.

We have an excellent roster of tried and trusted photographers and shoot managers, and we’re experts at artist imaging and styling, backed up by an extensive location list we’ve spent years creating. We’ll sort out usage rights too, and our in-house creative team are retouching aces.

  • Filming / video production
  • Motion graphics & animation
  • CGI
  • Mastering & Authoring
  • Interactive menu-screen design for DVD & Blu-ray
  • Editing
  • Grading & colouring
  • Soundbed creation
  • Subtitling
  • VO
  • Digital supply chain management
  • Audio post-production
  • Photography

we do language services

Language sits at the heart of every asset we produce, and every service we supply. Our in-house language stars, made up of native multilingual account and project managers, supported by a global network of 3500+ in-market mother-tongue linguists, have every aspect of this crucial service covered:

  • Translation & transcreation
  • Copywriting & editing
  • Multilingual artworking and typesetting
  • Video adaptation
  • Website localisation
  • Cultural consultancy
  • Multilingual editorial, storytelling & copywriting

our approach

We call what we do ‘Intelligent Production’ - our central London studio is staffed by experienced designers, artworkers, writers and producers working across all channels, enhanced by our 24/7 studio structure, relationships with local printers in key countries, and wholly-owned video production facilities alongside our worldwide network of writers and film crews, and in-house and best-in-class freelance photographers.

We have the expertise required to turn around jobs without the need for exhaustive briefings and endless amends, all tied together with cloud-based technology for asset management, workflow and stakeholder approvals to automate processes where needed.

By working in an agile way, backed up with years of experience working in London for some of the most demanding agencies and brands around, we are able to mould our service to perfectly fit our client needs.

We understand the agency culture, the time pressures, and the need to get creative content produced quickly and efficiently, with cost-effective reach.

We understand procurement imperatives and the need to

a) identify inefficiencies in the marketing services’ supply chain and

b) reduce costs of content activation and production.

We understand brands that want to work with a range of creative partners without impacting the quality or consistency of the marketing assets and content created - decoupling high volume creative production and content activation requirements from the main creative agency services.

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